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Trappe Family Dental Collegeville, Pennsylvania

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

Holy moly! This office was awesome! The front desk staff was friendly and professional, the dentist was knowledgeable, kind, and thorough, and the hygienist- she was alllll kinda of fabulous! She did a great job cleaning my stained teeth. She had a soft touch but, effective. And super friendly. Then, when the whole teeth-thing was done and I was ready to leave a very satisfied customer... They offered me a back massage. Really? A back massage at a dentist office? FTW

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

Very gentle and friendly dentists and hygienists. The massage was so wonderful and relaxing. I would highly recommend this dentist office.

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

I had an excellent appointment. The hygienist was thorough but gentle and I had a fabulous backrub afterwards

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

I LOVE Trappe Family Dental. Both dentists are so kind and knowledgeable-I trust their recommendations always. They have a wonderful staff as well. I actually like going to the dentist because I get my warm neck pillow AND a chair message-along with excellent care.

on 2015-01-09
5 star review 5/ 5 stars
Everyone at TFD is very friendly, curious, knowledgable and caring. All of my experiences, as well as my family members, have been very pleasant and educational. I appreciate the way they help me get the most from insurance company. TFD provides an exceptional service the local community. I tell everyone interested in dental care about Trappe Family Dental:)

on 2014-12-12
5 star review 5/ 5 stars
I have a huge fear of going to the Dentist. My past experiences prior to going to Trappe Dental were painful, scary, and unwelcoming. From my first visit to Trappe Family Dental, I was blown away with their hospitality. They listened to my concerns and took my fears into consideration during my visits. The Doctors are exceptional and passionate, just like their entire staff. I am so thankful I found a practice I love!

Janice L. on 2014-12-04
5 star review 5/ 5 stars
All my life I have dreaded going to the dentist. Trappe Dental is the first practice where I actually enjoy being there. Everyone is so nice, the work is done quickly and efficiently; and the courtesy massage is wonderful! I hope they will always be there for me.

on 2014-11-12
5 star review 5/ 5 stars
I have been going to Trappe Family dental for years. They are the best. Always caring about not only your teeth but you as a person. They are very thorough in assessing your teeth and gum health more so than any dentist I have ever had before. They make sure you are comfortable with everything they are doing as well as comfortable in general with heated neck wraps and chair massages. The best dental practice in my opinion!
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